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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  December 28, 2012 9:00pm-11:00pm PST

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captioning made possible by michael landon productions and nci caption club way to hit! come on. move it, move it!
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get back. give him air. brian. brian, what's wrong? get an ambulance. cardiac insuffiency? what's that mean? simply, it means your heart isn't getting all the blood it needs. what do you do about it? depends on what causes it. treatment ranges from doing nothing to bypass surgery. bypass. like they did with arthur ashe? yeah. but not for you. if you follow my instructions, you'll have a normal life. you scared me. pro scouts been watching me. i'm first pick in the pro draft. not any more you're not.
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but you said-- you'll lead a normal life, but not as a basketball player. you heard from a friend? but that isn't possible. mr. maxwell quit a few hours ago. perhaps he told my friend he was thinking about quitting. oh. well, this is mostly janitorial work-- cleaning, working the furnace. repairing windows. there's a lot of that. why's that? two things i am fiercely opposed to-- ignorance and drugs. they go together. mrs. toma started this school to help those whom the others schools never bothered to teach. there are a lot of them.
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i tell my pupils, no drugs. i need all of your brain. this steps on the toes of the pushers. so they break your windows. yeah. but my pupils do not do drugs. it's a small price. did your friend mention this job is only for one person? good. jonathan is-- working next door, but mark here is a magician with windows. ok. mrs. toma makes hiring decisions, but i'm sure there won't be any problem. i'm sure there won't be. we don't quit because we lost brian. put your arms up on defense. either play ball or go on home! all right? all right, let's do it again. i want to see some sweat!
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stay out on him. wing it over there. now, bring it out. quick, across this way. now back. hello, brian. ok, bring it out. yeah. can we talk? i'm busy right now. take it around. now move your feet. no, the man hits that jumper 60%. you were never busy when i played. all right. take five. what is it, brian? i've been trying to call you. like i said, i've been busy. i thought we were close. i need to talk. brian, look, uh... i am sorry about what happened to you. the team was set around you.
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now it's like starting from scratch. that's all you care about? brian, i'm a coach. wins and losses, they mean my job. you're on a full scholarship and can't play. that's one less man i can recruit. you're right. that's what i care about. i apologize for not dying to get your scholarship back. all right. let's go! who's there?
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oh, brian. hi, mama. what you doing home so early? brian, what's wrong? what's wrong, son? i lost my scholarship. what? i lost it. they can't take away your scholarship because you can't play basketball. they can't get away with that. we're going to straighten this thing out. mama... they didn't take it away.
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i quit. why? because i can't pass. i would have lost it anyway. what do you mean, you can't pass? you got a "b" average. somebody else took the test. what? mama, i got an "a" in french. you ever hear me talking french? i never been to class. how long has this been going on? ever since i started school. today they said they won't do it anymore. there's no way i'll pass.
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now you don't know that. mama... i can't read. that's a lie. it's true. oh, dear god in heaven. ever since you was born, i said to myself, this boy is going to have an education. he's going to--
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i'm sorry, mama. it'll be all right. i'll get a job. i'm still big stuff in this neighborhood. it won't be tough finding work. wait and see.
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[whistle] charging. no basket. no way! he was blocking. he had position. red team out. i didn't charge. ask him. you didn't only charge, you traveled. red team out! thanks. hey, baby, don't walk so fast. you sure are looking good. hey, hold on. don't go so fast. you is really dressed up fine today. you figured you'd run into tyrone. is that it? mm-mm-mm. how come school didn't have teachers like this
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when we went? we was underprivileged. hey! don't go hiding behind no schoolbooks. pick up the lady's books. well, look here. we got ourselves a real hero come to rescue this pretty fox. what if i don't? what you going to do about it? you don't want to know. whoa! hey, you hear that? this here's john wayne. it's three to one, duke. make your move. three to two. well, lookie, lookie. the big basketball star's here. hear you got a bad heart... brother. you just better back off.
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i got enough heart for you, tyrone. get out of here. thanks again. here you go. thank you, both. it's our pleasure. that's one of the drawbacks of teaching here. you're a teacher? you're hardly out of college. i get college credit for teaching. i'm graduating soon from state. state? that's where i go. well, i used to. i know. you're brian baldwin. i recognize you. i saw you score 38 against tennessee. 39. school record. you know your stats, miss...
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julie reynolds. hey, nice job! yeah, if i do say so myself. thanks again, both of you. it was a pleasure. [bell rings] got to go. julie. can we have dinner tonight? you're just as fast off the court. if you don't... it sounds good. 7:00, 7:30? 7:00. see you then. hey. have you folks decided? yeah. i'll have the veal marsala, a salad with the house dressing.
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sir? steak. medium rare. which steak, sir? we have several on the menu. oh, which steak. let me see... steaks are on the other page, sir. oh, i know that. let me just take a look at that. i see why you were having trouble. they all look so good. the porterhouse looks the best, though. yeah, that's what i was thinking.
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porterhouse. medium rare. same salad. thank you. excuse me.
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you'll do fine here at sports gear. having a sports figure
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as our sales representative is good for our image. i got the job? it's in the bag. how bad is this heart thing? you won't keel over? i'll be fine. i just can't play basketball. do you need a letter? no. sounds fine. soon as you finish this aptitude test, i'll introduce you to mr. lee. he's head of sales. aptitude test? it'll take 10 minutes. miss morrow will direct you. mind if i go to the men's room first? down! how are you doing? jonathan. right?
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right. it's a small world, isn't it? yeah. [elevator stops] great! we're stuck! it'll probably start up in a minute. this just ain't my day. that bad, huh? i just lost a fine job. i had it, too. and? just lost out. what was the problem? who knows? check that emergency box for instructions. get us out a little quicker. what does it say? read it yourself if you're in such a hurry! hey, i'm sorry. i'm upset about not getting the job. it's all right. i understand. it's frustrating not being able to read.
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what? you're not the first person that couldn't read. many folks can't. i never said i couldn't read. go ahead and read it. what's it to you? what do you care? you saved my skin. that makes you a friend. be a friend. get this elevator moving. sure. [elevator starts] amazing what you can accomplish if you want it bad enough.
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hey, brian. i heard you was back on the streets. what do you want? i thought we might talk, you know. about what? about old times. we been buddies a long time, remember? i hear you're looking for work. my business could always use good men. dealing drugs? don't knock it. it buys all them nice toys. it buys nothing, sticks. no hope, no class,
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no life. you talk big for a man who ain't got squat. i'm trying to help an old buddy. we were never buddies. you forget a lot, brian. i forget nothing. hi. hi. come on in. i'm just finishing up. i can't read.
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do you want to learn? what? do you want to learn? i can't read. all you say is, "do i want to learn?" i'm a full-grown man, and i can't read. look at me. what do you see? i see a girl. a girl i like. i just told her i can't read. well, look again. in this room, i'm a teacher. a damn good one. if you want to learn, you're at the right place. you must be thinking "oh, boy, what an idiot!" only when you talk like that.
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could they be private? you know, like, no kids around? i could do that. but i won't. for you to learn alongside everybody else is an important first step. it takes lots of courage. the other students already know this. they'll know you know it, too. but... to show you i'm a friend, i'll bend the rule. your first lesson will be private. you mean, now? right now. you're going to learn to read. later, you can take me out for dinner. yes, ma'am. brian, how you doing? just great, man! tell your friend thanks.
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for what? he'll understand. don't you dare. don't you-- easy, son. take it easy. he threw a rock through the window. why, little brother? i ain't nobody's brother. what you are is-- stoned. that's what he is. he's stoned.
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and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. >> stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights. how's terry? he's coming down. his sister's with him. what about his parents? still at work he'll be ok. she's been through it before. it's hard to believe people deal to kids that age. any age. where'd he get it? in this neighborhood. somebody working for sticks. you can't live around here
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and not get into drugs. you live here. you're not into it. i've been through it. my friend cecil. we called him "smoke" because you couldn't catch him. in high school, we was the dynamic duo. butch and sundance. i was good. he was better. at one point, we tried some dope after a game, just to unwind. i didn't like it. smoke... he wasn't so lucky. where is he? he's dead. he died of an overdose in his senior year. maybe you could help the rest of the kids here. like what? kids wants to play basketball like you. they look up to you. so?
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help them. work with them, coach them. tell them what drugs will do to them. they'll listen? if one listens... if you can save one life... how many can say they saved a life? think about it. yeah, i will. i'll see you. he's a nice kid. i wish the boss could do something, like fix his heart. maybe he has something more important for brian than playing basketball. you got to keep yourself between the man and the basket. we'll try one more time.
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see how that works? gather around in here. you guys are looking good. soon we'll challenge other teams around this city. there's something i want to talk about first. to play basketball on my team, you got to be clean. not under your arms. people tell you dope will help you play better. they're lying. to get better, you must be clear-headed. dope shuts part of you down. when them punk dealers come around, tell them this turf's off-limits to drugs. ok? ok. ok. one, two, three, clean. clean! clean! all right!
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you make a great coach. uh-huh. you motivate those kids. you should think about coaching as a profession. i need a degree. i'm a long ways from that. julie tells me you learn pretty fast. oh, she did? mm-hmm. she did. if you could save one life. nice shot, brother. i told you, i ain't your brother. that's right, you did. you could be great. you'll let me play on your team?
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no. our team's clean. no drugs. i just took drugs once. don't jive me. i live here. i'll stop if you let me play. stop for yourself. why do that crap anyway? you're an athlete. you got gifts. you got brains. you go to school? school's for the brainy ones like you. like me, huh? can you read? yeah, sure. well, i can't. bull! i'm being straight. i'm learning, though. i'll keep on learning. we all got brains. i'll make you a deal. stay clean, you play for my team. and you go to school. that's all? not quite. something else i want from you. what's that? help me with my reading.
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deal? deal.
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hey, terry, what's shaking? in the car. i ain't seen you in a while. i've been busy. busy bouncing that ball up and down. yeah. it hurts sticks when one of his dealers stops dealing. you know what i mean? yeah, i know. i don't want it no more. you didn't like the money you made? the money was fine, but... but what? i'm clean. i don't need it. i don't want to deal anymore.
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you don't? no, i don't. hear that, tyrone? he don't want to work for me anymore. he wants to hang around that ex-big man, brian. what do you think about that, tyrone? i think it looks bad, man. when word gets out people are quitting on you... i don't know. i think you're right. let's take a ride and discuss this.
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i'll get sticks. i'll kill him.
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what will that accomplish? i owe it to that kid. you owe him more than that. do your job. let the cops get sticks. they better do it fast. if they don't, he's mine. got any ideas? yeah. let's go shoot some pool. scratch. say, man, what you think you're doing? i'm looking for sticks. you're looking for trouble unless you put that ball back.
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i said i'm looking for sticks. i want to make a buy. then you deal with me. i'm not talking nickel bags. i want to see the top man. half a million. give sticks the message, ok? yeah. yeah, ok. tell him to meet me at 11 p.m. at the school. we'll deal inside. why the school? because it's clean. no narcs will be checking it out.
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he don't deal with strangers, man. then i'll go right to cardelli. who? just tell sticks what i said. 10:45. i thought they'd never leave. let's go. locked.
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go make the call. right. you know what you're doing? this guy knows cardelli. anyone dumb enough to carry half a million deserves my attention. yeah, he's dumb... or he's setting you up, man. what do you mean, setting me up? you don't think there's blow in here, do you? empty!
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we're going to burn him, tyrone. hey, willie. yeah? once we're inside, you two go around back. i don't want any surprises. now let's go do some business.
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lousy. i can't forget terry. i understand. why don't we get some pizza
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and take it to my place? sounds good. oh, wait a minute. what's wrong? i left my tests at school. they have to be graded for tomorrow. come on, then. right on time. punctuality's my middle name. tyrone. let's make this quick. got the money? right on the desk. let's see. you want to count it? no, i trust you. let's see the stuff. right here.
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oh... must've picked up the wrong case. you have a good night, gentlemen. they're getting away. the law isn't here yet. they will be. i can't believe they was that dumb. hold it! well, lookie here. brian and the fox. it's late for school, brother. over there. [police siren]
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hold it! hold it, hold it! you're just in time. that fool tried to kill me. he's with the other two in the classroom. open the briefcase. slow! sure. it's full of money. brian and those other two thought i was a dealer, offering me all this money. nobody here but the scoolteacher. move it. we found these three out back. this ain't my stuff.
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it's those other dudes'. save it, sticks. read him his rights on the way. come on, move! come on, let's go! move it! you all right? yeah, i'm just fine. you'll have to make a statement. we'd be happy to. "sticks henderson, if convicted, "could receive consecutive life sentences "that would total over 100 years. "we at the tribune "take our hats off to brian baldwin, "a young man who has become "a bigger star off the basketball court "than he was on it.
9:54 pm
he is an inspiration to this community." you know, uh... there's been a lot written about me through the years, but nothing that meant as much as this. not because of all the nice things they said, but... for the first time in my life, i can read it myself. and i thank god for the school, and so should all of you.
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mrs. baldwin. did you see mark and janet? uh, no. not a soul. and i've been here for 10 minutes, trying to get the nerve to come in. what? i got a feeling i'm about to become your oldest pupil. don't worry about it. i have a feeling your teacher may become your future daughter-in-law.
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[dramatic music] ♪ male narrator: when the factories first began to send their pall of smoke over the cities and farmlands in the east offered only the barest living, americans turned their faces toward the west. they poured into the new territories by thousands, bringing their household goods, fording the mighty rivers and climbing the mountains, fighting indians and outlaws, praying, toiling, dying. it was a hard land, a hostile land. only the strong survived: a new american breed, the pioneer. in this forge, upon this anvil, was hammered out a man who became a legend,
10:00 pm
a man who hated thievery and oppression. his face masked, his true name unknown, he thundered across the west upon a silver-white stallion, appearing out of nowhere to strike down injustice or outlawry and then vanishing as mysteriously as he came. his sign was a silver bullet. his name was... "the lone ranger." [rousing orchestral theme] ♪
10:01 pm
[gunfire] [dramatic music] ♪ [gunfire]
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[gunfire] - tonto. boundary markers. - ah, that's indian reservation, kemo sabay. taboo for white man. - we can't go any further. come on.
10:03 pm
- out of the frying pan and into the fire. - don't worry about this mask. it's on the side of the law. - sure. anyway, you won't get much. all i got is one small herd. and them redskins sure cut it up. you catch up with them? - them go onto reservation. we not able to follow. - like every time. - does this happen often? - mister, they come across that boundary line soon as they run out of meat. only this time i saw 'em. but they saw me too. - kemo sabay, do you notice something strange about indians? - yes, tonto. they all had saddles. - why not? they do enough stealing around here, if you'll excuse the word. wouldn't want to insult a couple of fellas that just saved my life. - well, i told you, i'm not a bandit. but if you'd like to be grateful, you won't talk about seeing us.
10:04 pm
we'd appreciate that. - easiest thing i do is keep my mouth shut. - good. we'll use my horse. give me a hand with the saddle. - excuse me, mister. you better take cover for the next couple of days. we got a sheriff in brasada who means it. - why only for the next few days? - well, some real high muckety-muck's coming out this way. might make sheriff kimberley sort of edgy. - how high? - governor of this territory, that's how high. coming to visit the kilgore ranch. and that's a special place for you to keep clear of. you wouldn't like the climate. - thanks. [exciting music] ♪ - hey! - hey!
10:05 pm
[gunfire] - mighty nice to see you, governor. i'm reece kilgore. - delighted, mr. kilgore. - i hope you had no trouble on the road. - were we really in danger from indians, mr. kilgore? my secretary, mr. clive, thinks you warned us about that just to put spice into the journey. [both chuckle] - well, you're safe, governor, and that's all that matters. - thank you. thank you very much. - governor, may i present mr. abernathy, president of the bank of brasada. - your excellency. - delighted, sir. - and this is reverend purdy, mr. beecham, dr. bailey, joe branch, bob benson. this is our sheriff kimberley. - you carry a name highly respected out here, sheriff. - thank you, governor. - john muller, bureau of indian affairs. - we must have a talk-- - excuse me, governor. here's a man you have to meet. chip walker, first white man to set foot in the territory. - well, i'm delighted. - proud to meet you, sir.
10:06 pm
- i expected to find you a much older man, mr. kilgore. - oh? why? - i don't know... i suppose because of your position in these parts, your wealth, influence. - well, out here, governor, you have to get a pretty fast start. you see, in these parts, your chances of growing old may not always be too good. - [laughs] - governor, allow me to present mrs. kilgore. - governor, it's a real pleasure-- - and my daughter, lila, a real westerner. born here, raised here, and able to prove it. - how do you do, miss lila? - how do you do? - all right, ladies and gentlemen, here he is, the man who's doing the most to make this territory a state in the union: our territorial governor! [cheers and gunfire] - when mr. kilgore graciously invited me to his ranch for some hunting, i gladly accepted the opportunity to renew my acquaintance with this great territory of ours. i know we have certain problems. once again, indians and white men
10:07 pm
are watching each other over their gunsights. we must put an end to that. we must establish reason, justice, and peace. because only then can i stand before the congress in washington and say what i say to you now. this territory must and shall become a state. [cheers and gunfire] - i continue to press for statehood, along with the others, governor. but it's only because i don't want to discourage them. frankly, i just can't see our being granted statehood, not for so long as indian troubles keep us looking like a raw frontier. - mr. kilgore, we have a denial from mr. muller, the indian agent. - what does muller know about it? - red hawk's young men come climbing down off that reservation any night they please. they steal calves, broncos-- anything they can lay their hands on.
10:08 pm
- well, is there any evidence to prove these charges? - well, mr. clive, when a man finds one of his best calves butchered out on the range and the best parts of it cut away and only moccasin tracks around it, that's evidence. - governor, the reservation is too close to town. - up to now, they've only killed our cattle. but what if they start in on us again? - these people can't see why they can't move these indians farther north to another reservation. - mr. kilgore, we've signed a peace treaty with them. - they've broken it, governor. [knocking at door] [ominous music] come in, cassidy. governor, this is my foreman, cassidy. - good evening. found mountain lion tracks over at cottonwood springs. - fresh trail? - about an hour old. - now, there you are, sir. didn't i promise you some good hunting? we've got a big cat. - i want to go too. clunk!
10:09 pm
- no, lila. reece, you wouldn't let her go. well, it's just that she's such a little girl. - we'll start before daybreak. not this time, little bit. in a year or two, maybe. i brought mrs. kilgore here out from the east. she still hasn't quite been able to get used to it. you see, back east, you wouldn't be wearing pants. you'd learn to curtsy and to embroider, and you'd no more think of letting the sun touch your face than you'd handle the business end of a branding iron. - i'm gonna brand a calf this roundup. - you are, huh? i've got a big outfit here, governor. you've only seen a corner of it. and this is the youngster who someday is gonna be able to run it. i'm raising her to be equal to the job.
10:10 pm
- did you have to humiliate me before the governor? - go to bed. - i know how bitter you are about me, how disappointed. but why can't we try to make the best of it? - i'm doing that. - are you? staring for hours every evening at a mountain you can't have? bringing up lila the way you do? - will you please go to bed? - reece, you can't make a boy of her. it may be what you wanted. but it's not what we have. - i think i know what i'm doing. - and so do i. - now, look. it isn't our fault you're unhappy here. lots of people are happy. you just don't fit. you hate the smell of animals, the smell of leather,
10:11 pm
the wind, the indians, everything you see. talk about being afraid. what aren't you afraid of? - you make me afraid. - oh, no. you brought it out here with you under a pretty face and a lot of airs. and you want a hand in raising the only child we can have. could you put a colt on its feet if it fell down? you couldn't even outsmart a digger indian. well, i'm training her to handle what i leave her. and i'm telling you for the last time not to interfere. - clive. - hmm? - it's time i told you. my coming out here to go hunting is purely a cover-up. - sir? - i accepted kilgore's invitation because it would enable me to meet... a certain man. - what man? when were these arrangements made? governor, i should handle these things for you,
10:12 pm
for your protection. - keep your voice down. clive, different problems require different measures. this region is a hotbed of trouble. and to think of forms and... - but, governor, don't you realize it may be dangerous? - nevertheless, i have my work to do. tomorrow morning, i'm going to slip off from the hunting party. i want you to see to it that no one comes looking for me. i must meet this man, clive. and i must meet him on his own terms. - yes, sir.
10:13 pm
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10:15 pm
10:16 pm
♪ - good morning, padre. - we are honored, your excellency. - it is i who am honored. has he arrived? - the sun is truly hot today. would you like to rest in our library? - what sort of person is he, padre? you must know him well. only you were able to arrange this.
10:17 pm
- we do not have a great many books. but in a library, there's always something of interest. - i'm sorry, i... i expected to meet somebody else in here. - nobody here but me. guess the governor's mansion's a long way from indian country. you live out here, governor, you've got to be able to read sign fast and sure. - a silver bullet. - yep, that's my credentials. - the sign of the lone ranger. - that's right. - why isn't he here? must we have all this mystery? i'm the governor. i need his help. - you got to do your talking through me, governor. that's why i'm here. sit. take a load off your spine.
10:18 pm
like the fellow says, sometimes polishing your britches gets you further than blistering your feet. pretty good, eh? - i'm here because i felt the ranger was the only man i could trust to give me a fair, impartial report on what's causing the trouble out here. - looks like you had friends aplenty when you come to the kilgore ranch. - how's a politician to know who's telling him the truth? it may well be that kilgore's solution is the only one possible. move red hawk and his people away from any contact with the ranchers, settle them on another reservation. - just means breaking another promise to them indians. that ought to come easy by now. - i have a feeling there's more to this situation than just friction between white and indian. - might be. but, governor, this is a rich territory. rich for white men, rich for indian. sometimes a fellow forgets the goodies he has in his own pockets and does a little snooping into another feller's.
10:19 pm
could be some of that going on. - whatever it is, i cannot come before the congress and plead for statehood until it's cleared up. tell that to the ranger. - yep, i'll tell him. - i must be able to show the congress a territory at peace with itself, ready to join the union. this territory isn't ready now. - governor, you're as right as rain. well, adios-y. [horse neighs] - looks like a fine horse. - very fine. - i'd like to buy him. - him belong to friend. - i'd pay a good price. - my friend not sell him. - money has been known to change a man's mind. - ah, him not like other horses. one time him fight buffalo. kill buffalo.
10:20 pm
but him hurt bad, maybe die. kemo sabay find him, not let him die. long time now them be friends. - "kemo sabay"? - oh, that's my friend. indian word mean "trusty scout." him name silver. - silver? the lone ranger's horse. - how are you, governor? [trumpet music] - well, sir, i'm glad to see you. i've been telling my troubles to that somewhat quaint friend of yours in there. - huh! quaint friend? it isn't what a man looks like on the outside. it's what he has in his heart. - why, you're the old prospector. - that's right. - but why? - governor, i learned a long time ago, it's wise to know a man before you place any trust in him. - but then you won't mind my asking a few questions. - course not. let me tell you a brief story. it's about my brother. he was one of the finest men that ever lived. we were rangers in the same company. he was a captain.
10:21 pm
then one day, we were ambushed by outlaws. shot down like cattle in a pen. tonto happened along, found me with still a spark of life. we've been riding together ever since. - but why the mask? - governor, outlaws live in a lonesome world, a world of fear, fear of the mysterious. i made this mask from my dead brother's clothing. i've worked from behind it ever since. i'll wear this mask until justice has been dealt to the last murderer and outlaw. i hope that answers your questions. - it does. thank you. - good-bye, sir. - wait. when can i expect to hear from you? - when there's no longer any trouble around here or when there's too much. i think you'd better get back to the ranch. i'm sure mr. kilgore will be waiting for you. adios!
10:22 pm
[dramatic music] ♪ [mysterious music] ♪ [joyful music] ♪
10:23 pm
- greetings, red brother. red hawk, you know that tonto and i ride for justice, for peace with honor between the white man and red. i will not listen to anything but the truth. - we not steal cattle. - arrows found in cattle. - indians have been seen riding horses with saddles. - young braves not break treaty. [men talking] - your braves are angry, red hawk. perhaps they do these things and their chief does not know. - them know how red hawk punish. better die quick than be punished for break treaty. - them angry because white man talk with two tongue. make treaty, promise not go on reservation, not go near spirit mountain. but he go. - spirits of indian god rest on mountain.
10:24 pm
them say not come on mountain, not break sleep. if break sleep, all go in fire. - why should the white man break this taboo? the ranchers wouldn't dishonor their treaty just to go hunting. have you seen them, red hawk? who saw them, if indians cannot go close? - him see in medicine. strong medicine tell. - if this medicine man can see who dares to ride on spirit mountain, let his magic tell us who raids the ranchers, steals their horses and cattle. we wish to know these things. we do not want war. - red hawk not understand white man way of peace.
10:25 pm
maybe better fight. maybe red hawk, him fight one last time.
10:26 pm
10:27 pm
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
- well, gents, it's the same thing as a year ago. we need extra hands for the roundup and drive to abilene. who likes mr. kilgore's money? monty stewart? spanish charlie. this town must be getting deaf. i said i'm hiring for reece kilgore. if any of you got a case against him or me, holler out and i'll hear it.
10:30 pm
- looks like we ain't so popular, cassidy. - they don't speak up, i'll pick the ones i want. slim, i'll take you. cleary, i'll need you on the chuck wagon. knuckles, i got a long memory. - i'm working for the circle o. - you can quit. go tell 'em and get your bedroll. you, buck simpson. - i'll go. - now, that's what i like to hear. ramirez. you've been wiped out by the indians. how about a job? - i'll go. - you need a job that bad, i'll make you my deputy. - i can't ask my girl to marry me on deputy's pay. - it'll do till you can get started again. - she's waited for me long enough. - cassidy, you been having more brushes with the indians than anybody else. this time, drive your herd around the reservation, not across. - are you loco? - could be, but i'm wearing the star. - well, pin it on your britches. you're bustin' out of them.
10:31 pm
[laughter] we drive across that reservation to save 100 miles. - it's trespassing. - that's sure what it's called. - the congress of the united states granted those lands to the indians. the bureau of indian affairs intends to see to it that the grant is honored. - you stay just like you are, sheriff: honest, hard-working, and golden pure. - take that off me. - whenever you get to feeling biggity, just remember, it was our outfit that let you be elected. that tin star you're wearing is for other folks, not us. - freeze! [gunshot] - huh. guess i got kind of excited. never did go for these fandangled six-shooters. always going off unexpectedly. yes, sir. kind of makes a man nervous, especially an old man. - you men get your gear and show up at the ranch pronto.
10:32 pm
[light orchestral music] ♪ - that's a girl. now do the figure eight again. give him a hit. [pony brays] all right, all right, lila. come here, dear. that's wonderful. that's wonderful, boy. let's give him a little breather now, huh? i think he's tired. you raise them like boys, they'll be boys. - well, things are in pretty good shape over there. i still can't get over
10:33 pm
that indian agent and that tin badge trying to tell me where to drive cattle. - sheriff told you what to do, do it. - you mean take them all the way around the reservation? - yes. - why, them cow's bones'll be sticking through their hide. - cassidy, it's only a few pounds of beef. you know what you're supposed to pick up for me at abilene. you bring that back. then if you want to risk an indian arrow or a sheriff's bullet, take your pay and make your own orders. - well, you don't have to holler so they can hear you over there. - well, then do as you're told. you stay on this side of the reservation. and remember, the only reason you're ramrodding this drive is to pick up that stuff for me at abilene. now get the cows on the trail. move 'em! - let's go. [cattle lowing] [swelling romantic music] ♪
10:34 pm
ramirez. go get that crazy steer back into the herd. [exciting music] ♪ [steer bawls] - hey, that's kilgore's stock. you better get your rope off of him. - i caught him to give us a chance to talk, ramirez. you said to call on you any time i needed a favor. - you after somebody around here? - i'm after information. can't tell yet whether i'll find it here or on the trail with the kilgore herd. - well, if there's any trouble, it'll be cassidy who starts it. when he ain't pulling somebody around, he ain't livin'. - that's why i want somebody watching him all the time, someone i can trust to tell me everything
10:35 pm
that happens on the drive. - like what kind of thing? - let's say anything unusual, like indian ponies wearing saddles. that's one of the reasons i want to stay in this area. i want to find those indians and have a talk with them. - where will i meet you when i come back? - there's a cave above the road about a mile south of town. - i know the place. - i'll be there. [swelling romantic music] - that kimberley spread is sure a punkin' seed outfit. why, the sheriff's old man don't have but 100 head in the whole place. - let's mix 'em in with ours. - it's already been taken care of. - keep your eye open for old man kimberley.
10:36 pm
[dramatic music] - here comes old man kimberley now. he sure is scratchin' the wind. - keep the cattle moving. - hey, you! where are you going with them cattle? hey, now, hold on. hold on. you've got my cattle in that herd. - well, it's the sheriff's old man. how are you, kimberley? - cut my cattle out of that herd and get off my range. - your cattle? - yes, my cattle! - now, why would we want to be taking your cattle? we might want to come this way again sometime. - why, you lyin' rustler. there's some of my brand right there. - hold it, old man. [gunshot] [dramatic music] ♪ - that crazy old coot, riding smack into the herd like that.
10:37 pm
[gunshot] - well, that takes care of that. - what happened? who started the shooting? - an injun. didn't you see him? - an indian? - yeah. he got away. - too bad about old kimberley. - i don't think he believes me. [cowboys whooping] [cattle lowing]
10:38 pm
[cheerful music] ♪ blankets, three rifles, a saddle. - then there's this. lucky mr. kilgore ordered by mail, gave me time to order. we don't get no call for it around here. no use for it. - we have. powder, keep the boys rounded up. we're heading back as soon as we paint the town a bit. - now you're talking. i got enough red paint saved up for me to cover the town of chicago. - kilgore wants us and this stuff back in brasada right away. - all of us? - those i don't need i'll pay off. - how about pete ramirez? - now, i don't mean to pry, but if there's something exciting going on down your way, i'd sure appreciate-- jee-rusalem! are you tired of living? don't you know what's under here?
10:39 pm
- now, what do we aim to do with that stuff? - if i told you fellows everything i know, you'd be as smart as i am. you looking for me, ramirez? - that's the latest style in the catalog. you a married man? - got a girl. - you get her that, and you'll be married. she'll make you merry just to have a chance to wear it. - how much? - two dollars even. - keep your mouth shut about this. - mm-hmm.
10:40 pm
[knocking at door] - who is it? - it's me. open up. [gunfire]
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
[horseshoe clacks] [horse neighs] - that's strange. i don't see ramirez. - maybe him come by different road, kemo sabay. - it's possible, tonto. kilgore must have been mighty anxious for news to ride out to meet them. - me have idea, kemo sabay.
10:45 pm
you stay, maybe ramirez come. me ride to brasada, maybe learn many things. - try to get there before kilgore. - uh-huh. - be careful. [horse hooves clomping] - you know how redskins are. they weren't satisfied with starting the stampede that killed your father. on the way back from abilene, my boys found his house and everything else burned to the ground. - not a horse, not a cow anywhere. - what proof do you have they were indians? - you wouldn't believe an indian was bad if he scalped you. you'd say it was cooler that way.
10:46 pm
- where is pete ramirez? why isn't he telling me this? what's he hiding for? - well, ramirez, isn't he the one who quit in abilene? - yeah, cold. come to me and said he wanted to be paid off. - pete was to be married. - well, that's it. - mr. kilgore... when the bureau of indian affairs sent me out on this job, they gave me just one piece of advice. they said, "remember, "it's the white man who does the pushing. only the white man has anything to gain." - how does that apply to me, muller? - well, i just thought i'd point out, in case you'd missed it, that most of the feeling against the indians is being stirred up by the reports of your hired hands. - i'm gonna bust you-- - now, wait just a minute. now, look here. i stand by my men. when you accuse them, you're accusing me. - you and your men are a reckless, gun-happy lot. - no, no, let's talk about me, muller, about my problem. because now i'm beginning to see what it is. you don't care what the indians do, how we ranchers suffer.
10:47 pm
you're for them. - when they're in the right, i certainly-- - you and kimberley are closer than fleas on a dog. i guess that explains why no posse of yours ever caught a single redskin. - we could never find enough evidence. - sure, sure. i know. well, i won't wonder about it anymore. all right, sheriff. if you can't protect this county, the ranchers will. look at that. there's plenty of gall for you. now they even come into town wearing guns. throw him back on the reservation. - get him, cassidy! [men shouting] - get him, cassidy! [crowd clamors] - ho, ho, ho... fight! fight! fight!
10:48 pm
- [panting] - get him, happy! - go, scout. go! [crowd shouting] [grunting] [people shouting] - stop them, sam. sam, what's the matter with you? [punches landing] [dramatic music] ♪
10:49 pm
[horse neighing] [heroic music] ♪ [crowd shouting] - [groans] [grunts] [crowd shouting] [heroic music] ♪ - let's get rid of that murdering indian. - string him up. [horse neighs] - [groans]
10:50 pm
- get him up there. - here's a rope, boys. - string him up. - you men, quit! i want to talk to you! - get that injun-lover out of here. - put your head back, indian. [laughs] [tense orchestral music] ♪ [gunshot]
10:51 pm
- hyah! hyah! [gunshots] hyah! hyah! [horses neighing] people shouting] [gunshot] - that's it, everybody. quiet. i still have a pound of slugs in this thing. - did you see who helped him to get away? a masked man, a road agent. you're playing on the wrong side, kimberley. - that's funny, coming from you. my side's the law. - that might've been the same indian who was responsible for the death of your father. - i had that in mind. it's what kind of slowed me down. now maybe you better slow down too, mr. kilgore. you're burning with rope fever. - you're a fool, kimberley. - we ain't arguin' that. i'm a peace officer.
10:52 pm
and this badge says nobody-- white or indian-- gets strung up unless a proper judge and jury says to. now you get on back to your ranch. ride, the whole gang of you! or so help me, i won't give any of you time to draw. [water burbling] - how's your throat, tonto? - [raspy] it feel better. that plenty close call, kemo sabay. - too close. and cassidy said ramirez decided to stay around abilene? - him only say him ask for pay. - couldn't have happened that way. if ramirez decided not to come back, he must've had a mighty strong reason. - him not quit, kemo sabay. him have girl here. say him going to marry her.
10:53 pm
- i'd better ride to abilene. you go to chief red hawk. make that your headquarters and do some scouting around. - me do that, kemo. - and tonto, keep out of trouble. - trouble find tonto even when him not look for it. [optimistic orchestral music] ♪
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
- huh. think that's good, mister? hey, i know the fellow that built the school you went to. name is ramirez, pete ramirez. d'you ever hear of him? - uh-uh. - don't talk much, do ya. there was a kilgore outfit up here a while ago. this fella, pete ramirez, he was one of the cowpunchers. sure you haven't seen him? - uh-uh. - you're sure a gabby one. well, thanks for the information. [laughter] [winsome music] ♪ man sure gets tired feet.
10:59 pm
- still looking for him? - yep. - say, i just recollected... there was a shooting down at the drovers' hotel long about that time. and phineas tripp, he's the general store man, he says that he saw the corpus delicti with the kilgore outfit. - kilgore outfit? - uh-huh. - thanks a lot, marshall. good day. you sure you don't know him? nice-looking young feller. black curly hair. had a few head of cattle. his name was pete, pete ramirez. - ramirez. sure, that was his name, now you mention it. buried in boot hill. - why'd anyone want to kill my young friend pete? you sure it was him? - sure, i'm sure. cassidy was checking over the supply


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